List of Countries

This App displays a list of countries from an API (RESTCountries API) and user are able to filter the list using SearchBox and by filtering the countries by region.

What this app is capable:
  • See all countries from the API on the homepage
  • Search up for a country using the searchbox input field
  • Filter countries by region
  • Click on a country to see more detailed information on a separate page
  • Click through to the border countries on the detail page
Github Repo:

Rock Paper Scissors

A rock paper scissors game competing againts computer with cool options and fun experience.

  • Display rules of the game by clicking the rules button
  • Choose any choice to compete against computer
  • Final result will display if player either wins, lose, or a tie
  • Enjoying the game? Click the Play Again button to play again
  • The player score are displayed at the top of the app
Github Repo:

Light Dark Mode

In this app, user are able to shift the color theme of the site between Dark and Light mode.

Made possible by:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
Github Repo:


What's inside this app?

  • This app renders list of random profile from an API.
  • Each profile has it's own card component.
  • Every profile gets a robot image taken from
  • User can filter the profile list from the SearchBox.

This app uses ReactJS framework for its development.

Github Repo:

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